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She Stood for Freedom

She Stood for Freedom: The Untold Story of a Civil Rights Hero, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland
by Loki Mulholland (Author), Angela Fairwell (Author), and Charlotta Janssen (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Joan Trumpauer Mulholland was a white teenager in the South during Segregation who put herself on the front lines of the Civil Rights struggle. She attended demonstrations and sit-ins and was one of the Freedom Riders in 1961 who was arrested and put on death row for months at the notorious Parchman Penitentiary. She was the first white person to join in the 1963 Woolworth s lunch counter sit-ins in Jackson, Mississippi, and that same year participated in the March on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King and the Selma to Montgomery march in 1965 which contributed to the passage of the landmark Voting Rights Act.

Snippet: “Anyone can make a difference. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Find a problem, get some friends together, and go fix it. Remember, you don’t have to change the world . . . just change your world.”

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Property of the State: The Legend of Joey

Property of the State: The Legend of Joey
by Bill Cameron (Author)

Booktalk: Joey Getchie has been property of the state longer than he was in parental custody. But he’s a survivor, and he has a Plan: graduate high school and get out of the foster care system before it eats him alive. He bonds with Trisha, another foster, who seems to have lucked out when it comes to foster parents. A false accusation leads to a physical clash with his foster father, so Joey flees to Huntzel Manor, where he works part time. He takes up unauthorized residence and keeps a low profile, hoping to avoid attention. But attention arrives in the worst possible way: a classmate is seriously injured in a hit and run accident, and Joey becomes the focus of the investigation. Why shouldn’t he be? He had a violent confrontation with the same classmate just last year. And of course, he’s a kid with a criminal record. Except of course, he isn’t.

Snippet: “Joey?” Mrs. Petty’s voice is calm, as always. I realize I’m staring at the photo of Mr. Cooper. He looks more at home in the saddle than he does behind his desk. I turn to Mrs. Perry.


“The computer?”

“What about it?”

They exchange a look. I’ve missed something.

“No laptop, one month. You need to hand it over.”

In my arms, my backpack gathers sudden weight.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventure at the Olympics

Choose Your Own Career Adventure at the Olympics
by K. C. Kelley (Author)

Booktalk: What do people do at the Olympics? Readers pick from eight different scenarios and experience “next best thing to being there yourself” opportunities for interactive career exploration. Sidebars promote additional learning activities and independent research.

Snippet: The Olympic Games are the biggest sports events in the world! Big events need lots of people to run them. The athletes may get all of the glory, but thousands of professionals work for years to make those golden moments happen too.

Nonfiction Monday

It’s Nonfiction Monday!

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