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The Inside Job

The Inside Job: (And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy)
by Jackson Pearce (Author)

Booktalk: Hale, who turned double-agent against the corrupt spy organization he was raised in, knows his super-spy parents can’t come home until the Sub Rosa Society is neutralized–and that he and his friends are all that’s standing between SRS and their worldwide crimes. So Hale wants to hit the bad guys where it hurts: their bank account.

Hale and his allies all travel to Switzerland and discover that this won’t be a smash-and-grab job like they expected. SRS doesn’t have any actual money that can be taken–it’s all hidden in secret digital accounts. Oh, and some super heavy gold bars. To take them down, Hale’s crew will have to undo SRS’s crimes and get to the inside man at the bank, all while artfully evading SRS’s notice.

Snippet: “That doesn’t make any sense,” Otter said. “Antonio Halfred, that’s the name–did you type it in right?”

“I did,” Beatrix answered testily. “I’m telling you, if this is SRS’s account, they’ve moved the money recently. They’re moving it a lot.

“Well, sure, moving it makes sense–it’d keep people like us from being able to find it. But that couldn’t have been all of SRS’s money. Even if that account had a hundred thousand dollars in it at one point, SRS has millions. Where is that money?” Walter asked.

We went quiet again.

And then I realized. I exhaled. “It’s . . . everywhere.”

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Martin’s Dream Day

Martin’s Dream Day
by Kitty Kelley (Author) and Stanley Tretick (Photographer)

Booktalk: This day–August 28, 1963–was a momentous day in the Civil Rights Movement. It was the culmination of years spent leading marches, sit-ins, and boycotts across the South to bring attention to the plight of African Americans. Years spent demanding equality for all. Years spent dreaming of the day that black people would have the same rights as white people, and would be treated with the same dignity and respect. It was time for Martin to share his dream.


Nonfiction Monday

It’s Nonfiction Monday!

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Mind-Boggling Numbers

Mind-Boggling Numbers
by Michael J. Rosen (Author) and Julia Patton (Illustrator)

Booktalk: If you could hike to the moon, how long would it take? Just how many glasses of lemonade would you need to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool? If everyone on Earth owned exactly the same amount of land, how big would your yard be? And how much time would you spend mowing the lawn? Ms. Mary Math answers the questions . . .


It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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