Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel
by Ginger Rue (Author)

Booktalk: Thirteen-year-old Tig Ripley has plenty of good reasons for starting an all-girl rock band. Never mind she doesn’t play an instrument–she’ll figure that out. Fronting a band is sure to propel her out of the background and into the spotlight at her middle school. So after a few weeks’ worth of drumming lessons under her belt, she starts assembling her band. With her cousin Kyra agreeing to play bass, soon Tig has her piano-playing friend Olivia down for the keyboard. And then she convinces tough girl Robbie Chan to sign on as lead guitarist. With a cool name–Pandora’s Box–all the band needs now is a killer lead singer. How hard can that be? But when Kyra invites obnoxious diva Haley Thornton to join the band, Tig realizes snagging a lead singer–the right lead singer–is not going to be easy. Everyone says the drummer is the heartbeat of a band–does Tig have what it takes to lead Pandora’s Box?

Snippet: Tig blushed. She saw Haley make a face at Regan and Regan rolled her eyes.

“Look, I said I’d sing in your little band, not take you on as a project,” Haley said.

Kyra laughed. Laughed!

Get a backbone, Tig thought. “Nobody needs you to take on any projects. Really,” Tig said.

Regan cut in. “Good thing,” Regan said. “Because all Haley’s singing in your band means is that Haley likes to sing. Not that y’all are suddenly besties.”

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