The Sundown Kid: A Southwestern Shabbat
by Barbara Bietz (Author) and John Kanzler (Illustrator)

Booktalk: A young boy and his family settle in the “Wild West” where they are the only Jewish family in their small town. Despite keeping busy with chores, adapting to their new home among strangers proves challenging. Every Shabbat, Mama complains that there is “too much soup, not enough family.” The young boy has an idea to help relieve Mama’s homesickness and invites their new neighbors for Shabbat dinner.

Snippet: Papa promised we would build a new life out West where the wide-open spaces were as big as they sky and the night stars shimmered so bright I could almost reach out, pull one down, and put it in my pocket.

Papa said we might be the only Jewish family in our desert town.

Mama promised some things would never change. She packed her silver candlesticks, Papa’s kiddish cup, and her big soup pot.

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