Hard Rock
by Ginger Rue (Author)

Booktalk: Following their successful appearance in the University of Alabama student TV commercial, Tig and the other members of Pandora’s Box are eager to be taken seriously as a rock band. But the high drama of middle-school life rears its head. First, the girls finally tire of Kyra’s lack of commitment and refusal to improve her bass skills. Tig can only defend her cousin just so much. Then to add to the Kyra problem, Robbie wants to bring in a new member to the band. This new girl really sets Tig’s teeth on edge. Is Tig losing her bestie status with Robbie? And now, topping everything off, Tig can’t stop thinking about Will Mason. Seeing him together with bandmate Olivia is agonizing. Tig is trying to do her best as leader but will all these struggles pull Pandora’s Box apart just when it looks like musical success is around the corner?

Snippet: “I’m serious! Y’all, it’s so fun! I love having a boyfriend!”

“Stop,” said Robbie. “Don’t be one of those.”

“One of those what?” Olivia said.

“One of those . . . boyfriend girls,” Robbie replied.

“Boyfriend girls?” Olivia said.

“Yeah, you know . . . those girls who think they have to have a boyfriend all the time or the whole world stops spinning. Those girls who talk nonstop about nothing else but their boyfriend and can’t go anywhere without him and all that junk. It’s so pathetic.”

“It’s not pathetic to have a boyfriend,” said Olivia.

“No,” said Robbie. “It’s pathetic if that’s what you’re all about. If you’re, you know, a boyfriend girl.”

“She has a point,” Tig said. “I mean there’s more to life than boys.”

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