The Wishing Wings
by Jennifer Castle (Author)

Booktalk: Sisters Addie and Clara have just moved to a new house in the country, where they discover that their backyard is a gateway to the enchanted realm of magical butterflies called Wishing Wings. These special butterflies have the power to make wishes come true!

When a group of just-emerged butterflies–New Blooms–are in danger of losing their magic, Addie and Clara must team up with a pair of butterfly princesses to save them, making new friends and helping others along the way.

Snippet: Addie carefully cupped her other palm over the butterfly and peered into the little house she’d made with her hands. She’s never been this close to one before. The butterfly slowly flapped its wings, maybe tired out from all that flying. Its antennae stood straight at attention, and it appeared to be looking right back at her with a furry pink face and dark, bead-shaped eyes.

“Hello there,” said Addie.

“Hello to you, too,” said the butterfly in a voice as high and clear as bells ringing.

Addie was so surprised, she stumbled backward into the dirt again.

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