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A lifelong reader, I wrote my first book at age eleven and I haven’t stopped reading or writing since. I’ve sold 250 books for children, teens, and adults: board books, picture books, beginning readers, chapter books, middle grade, young adult, and professional books for adults. I have written books in all three genres: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

The Library of Congress Online Catalog has a long list of my books, including forthcoming books that have been entered into the system due to a request for the CIP, the bibliographic record that appears on the copyright page of a book.

There is also a list of my books at WorldCat, the online library catalog. (The Pinterest board below shows the WorldCat listings with book covers.) WorldCat shows you where my books are at the libraries near you. It also sorts the books by year of publication, language, topic, and format.

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You can see some of my books on Amazon, including books that are usually only sold to schools. (I have written readers from Level A to Level Z, and most of those books are sold directly to schools in sets that are organized by topic and reading level.)

Not listed anywhere under my name are dozens of books that I wrote as a ghostwriter. I have written books with well-known characters for large “Big 5” New York publishers and books with up-and-coming characters for small independent companies. I have also ghostwritten poetry and nonfiction books. For most of these projects, I sign a non-disclosure agreement saying that I will not talk about the specifics of the work.

I am allowed to tell you that I wrote The Zombie Project: The Boxcar Children Mysteries Book #128. However, if you look inside the book, my name is nowhere in sight! (I read these books as a child, so it was a dream come true to write one. As a child, my favorite character in this series was Violet, so I wrote all of the drafts of this mystery in purple notebooks.)


I have been working as children’s literature consultant since 1995. I develop curriculum, select literature, and review books. My consulting clients include:

For a complete publisher list, see my profile on LinkedIn.


a.visits.250 My fascination with books led to a career in education. I taught kindergarten ESL, first, fifth, and sixth grades in Los Angeles before my children were born. After my first books were published I began teaching adults. I taught teacher inservice for Staff Development for Educators, children’s literature at the University of North Texas, and writing at Southern Methodist University. Today I work as a freelance developmental editor advising children’s book authors.



Are you writing a school report? Use this biography checklist:

Name: Anastasia Suen  (How do you say her name?)

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Childhood homes: I lived in California and Florida as a child.

Current home: Plano, Texas

Ideas: Ideas are everywhere: home, school, books, magazines, newspapers, the internet and TV! There is always something interesting to explore.

Childhood writing: I wrote my first picture book when I was eleven and I’ve been writing ever since. (I wrote hundreds of manuscripts and collected rejection letters for years before I sold my first three books in 1996.)

Hobbies: Reading, blogging, yoga, piano, and painting.

Awards: Best Girl Reader (second grade), New York Times Best Illustrated Book (Window Music), Nick Jr. Best Book (Toddler Two Dos años), Science Books and Films Best Books 2006 (Wild Animals series), Smithsonian Notable Book (Baby Born), Time Magazine Best Book (Window Music).

Please note: After my sister had her identity stolen I stopped giving out my birth date.

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