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Time to Create

A lifelong reader and writer, I have been studying time management and the creative process for years. Each Saturday on this Time to Create blog, you’ll see a short book talk and snippet from a book about the creative process or managing the work day.

Where did everything else go?

After “mobilegeddon” in April 2015, I moved my main website from ASuen.com (my first initial and last name) to a new address with my full name: AnastasiaSuen.com

Here is a copy of the About page from my main website:

Anastasia Suen is the author of 215 books for children, teens, and adults.

Anastasia Suen has been Booktalking #kidlit since 2005.

Anastasia Suen has been a Children’s Literature Consultant since 1995.

Anastasia Suen has been working as a Developmental Editor since 1999.

Anastasia Suen has taught kindergarten to college. She has been teaching #kidlit online since 2000.

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Bear Paints

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