My latest book is Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper (May 2017)

Anastasia Suen develops books, novelties, kits, and curriculum for the education market (schools and libraries), the mass market (retail and mail-order), and the trade market (bookstores).

Anastasia Suen’s 275 books for children, teens, and adults include:


The Library of Congress Online Catalog has a long list of Anastasia Suen’s books, including forthcoming books that have been entered into the system due to a request for the CIP, the bibliographic record that appears on the copyright page of a book.

There is also a list of Anastasia Suen’s books at WorldCat, the online library catalog. WorldCat shows you where Anastasia Suen’s books are at the libraries near you. It also sorts the books by year of publication, language, topic, and format.

You can see some of Anastasia Suen’s books on Amazon, including books that are usually only sold to schools. (She has written readers from Level A to Level Z, and most of those books are sold directly to schools in sets that are organized by topic and reading level.)


Not listed anywhere under Anastasia Suen’s name are dozens of books she wrote as a ghostwriter. Anastasia Suen has written books with well-known characters for large “Big 5” New York publishers. (She has also written books for characters who did not have their own TV shows and movies yet.)

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