Learn how to apply the six traits of writing from an author who uses them everyday.

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Everyone has a story to tell. As a writing teacher and developmental editor I help writers tell their stories. The help each writer needs depends on where he or she is on the writing continuum. I have taught kindergarten to college so I have worked with writers in all six stages of writing.

  1. Imitation (preschool to first grade)
  2. Graphic Presentation (first and second grade)
  3. Progressive Incorporation (late second to fourth grade)
  4. Automatization (fourth to seventh grade)
  5. Elaboration (seventh to ninth grade)
  6. Personalization-Diversification (ninth grade and beyond)

Although the mastery of the mechanics of language varies greatly from stage to stage, one thing remains the same: writers want to share their stories.

Author Visit Programs

For the 2016-2017 school year I offer two author visit programs for schools and libraries. (Please note, I am now based in Northern California.)

How A Book Is Made explains the book making process as students read along and then act out the steps to make a book. (PreK-1)

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I will also share snippets of my May 2017 book, Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper.

Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper

In the Poetry Friday Writers Workshop, students write poetry about a topic they have explored at school to make a Poetry Friday book. (Gr. 2+)

Some of my poems are published in Poetry Friday Anthologies.

Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations
The Poetry of Science


  • One large group assembly: $300
  • Two or more large group assemblies: $250 per session
  • Classroom writing workshops: $75 per class
    (If 2 classes are combined in one workshop, it’s $150 per session, if 3 are combined it’s $225 per session, etc. Ideally, I will workshop with one class at a time over the course of a school day.)

Signed Books for Your Classroom or Library

For each author visit session that I teach at your school, I will donate three signed books to your classroom or library. You can circulate these signed author books in your collection and/or use them as prizes.

Contact Me!

I’d love to visit your young readers! Contact me so we can work together to make it happen . . .

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