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Prince: The Man, The Symbol, The Music
by Eric Braun (Author)

Booktalk: Prince Rogers Nelson wrote his first song at age seven, and soon taught himself to play the piano, drums, and guitar. In the early 1980s, Prince wondered how to make his music–a mix of pop, funk, soul, and R&B–more appealing to an audience that loved more mainstream rock shows. He ended up making Purple Rain, the hit movie and soundtrack that turned him into a megastar.

Snippet: From an early age, Prince was tuned into music. His mother said that when he was three years old, he would slip away from her in department stores to find the musical instruments. He would play the piano, the organ, or any instrument he could find in the store. “I’d have to hunt for him,” his mother said, “and that’s where he would be–in the music department.”

Nonfiction Monday

It’s Nonfiction Monday!

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Engineers Solve Problems!

Engineers Solve Problems!: A Song for Budding Scientists
by Katie Hoena (Author), Blake Hoena (Author), Kelly Canby (Illustrator), and Mark Oblinger (Arranger)

Booktalk: Budding engineers will learn the steps engineers use to solve problems. As they sing along, students will solve a problem just like an engineer would.

The book comes with a CD, sheet music, and online music access.

Ask, imagine, and plan,
create and improve.
That’s how engineers like to groove.

See the book trailer.

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If You Were the Moon

If You Were the Moon
by Laura Purdie Salas (Author) and Jaime Kim (Illustrator)

Booktalk: What would you do if you were the moon? Do you think you would rest quietly in the night sky? Oh, no. The moon does so much more than you might imagine! It spins like a twilight ballerina, plays tug-of-war with the ocean, and lights a pathway for baby sea turtles. Discover the many other roles the moon plays . . .


Hover near your mother.

Scientists believe the moon formed 4.5 billion years ago when a meteorite the size of Mars collided with the newly formed Earth. Rock from Earth and the meteorite splashed into space, and the moon was born.

See the book trailer.

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Laura is one of my former students!

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