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Prince of Pot

Prince of Pot
by Tanya Lloyd Kyi (Author)

Booktalk: Isaac loves art class, drives an old pickup, argues with his father and hangs out with his best buddy, Hazel. But his life is anything but normal. His parents operate an illegal marijuana grow-op, Hazel is a bear that guards the property, and his family’s livelihood is a deep secret.

It’s no time to fall in love with the daughter of a cop.

Snippet: The rain’s letting up. Between the treetops there’s a bright patch in the clouds where the sun might work its way through. I take deep breaths scented with plant oils and cedar trees, and my irritation gradually melts away as I head south.

Though there’s a trail from the access road to our cabin, there are not paths back here. It’s government property, not ours, and we take different routes through the brush every time. That way there is no visible connections between our cabin and the grow. If the police ever raided the place, they couldn’t prove we knew about the crop.

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Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams and What They Mean: Facts, Trivia, and Quizzes
by Elsie Olson (Author)

Booktalk: Do you remember your dreams? In your lifetime, you’ll have as many as 100,000 dreams! Could they be trying to tell you something? Some people believe dreams can reveal a lot about your personality, your relationships, or even your future. Trying to interpret dreams can be a lot of fun. Explore the world of sleep and dreams with fun quizzes and fascinating facts!


Nonfiction Monday

It’s Nonfiction Monday!

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Codes, Ciphers, and Cartography

Codes, Ciphers, and Cartography: Math Goes to War
by Terry Burrows (Author)

Booktalk: Math has always been key to warfare. Scientists use mathematical calculations to understand how missiles fly, or how to build faster airplanes. Soldiers in battle use math to figure out how to hit a particular target. From making sure an army has enough supplies to recording casualties and damage, discover how math and calculations lie at the heart of warfare!


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