“Stories are hiding, waiting everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and your heart.” Kate DiCamillo

Let the busy holiday season act as your muse! Look for the stories all around you–hiding in plain sight. Jot a note to yourself and save your ideas for later when things quiet down a bit.

Just remember to change the names and alter the events to fictionalize the story. (No need for hurt feelings, ruffled feathers, or defamation lawsuits!)

You don’t need to retell the stories you hear word for word. Someone else already did that. Look for the emotional truth underneath the real life stories you encounter. Use those feelings as the building blocks of a NEW story.

Take something old and use it in a new way. Find the universal human element in the stories you hear and add your own specific details to create a different story — a story that only YOU can tell.

Let the real world inspire your imagination!

Can you jot down story ideas
inspired by real life this week?

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