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3 of a Kind

3 of a Kind
by Rohan Gavin (Author)

Booktalk: Darkus Knightley is used to expecting the unexpected. An extraordinary crimesolver, with immense powers of deduction, and regularly found bedecked in tweed, Darkus is anything but the average 13 year old.

Despite trying to leave his detective ways behind and wanting to lead a normal life, when his father’s loyal housekeeper, Bogna, goes missing, Darkus must return to the family fold to solve the mystery. Alongside his father, Alan, and his stepsister Tilly, Darkus follows the trail to America and the bright lights of Las Vegas where they must once again face the deadly criminal organization the Combination — and this time, all bets are off. With danger at every turn, Knightley and Son will need an ace or two up their sleeves in order to win this game.

Snippet: Darkus and Tilly stood on tiptoe to peer inside. Darkus leafed through the files until he reached “Theo K.”

“Bingo,” he muttered, removing the file and confirming the image of a handsone, mustachioed man in the profile picture.

Darkus began speed-reading the contents while Tilly photographed them with her smartphone. Then Darkus stopped.

“The suspect’s name is Theodore Kojak,” he whispered into his earpiece.

“What?” Knightly crackled back.

“Who’s that?” asked Tilly.

“It’s clearly an assumed name,” Darkus explained. “Theodore Kojak is the name of a fictional TV detective with a penchant for lollipops, made famous by the actor Telly Savalas.”

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Ultimate Oceanpedia

Ultimate Oceanpedia: The Most Complete Ocean Reference Ever
by Christina Wilsdon (Author)

Booktalk: From tsunamis and sea turtles to riptides and reefs, learn all about the creatures, science, and ecology of our oceans, which cover more of the planet than all the continents and are just as important! Travel through all parts of the ocean to learn how it affects of our world, including storms and climate. Amazing facts, photos, illustrations, and diagrams are found throughout this book, along with conservation tips, weird-but-true facts, and a mini ocean atlas. Challenges to the health of our ocean and its creatures are also presented along with what people are doing to keep it pristine for generations to come.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean. It’s so big that it could hold all of the Earth’s continents, with room to spare. It contains nearly half of Earth’s ocean water.

But the Pacific isn’t just the biggest ocean. It’s also the deepest. The average depth of the Pacific is about 14,040 feet (4,280 m)–more than 10 times the height of New York City’s Empire State Building. It’s also home to the deepest place on Earth: Challenger Deep, which sits in the Mariana Trench, a canyon on the ocean floor. Challenger Deep plunges 35,827 feet (11 km).

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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The Matchstick Castle

The Matchstick Castle
by Keir Graff (Author)

Booktalk: Brian can think of a few places he’d rather spend his summer than with his aunt and uncle in Boring, Illinois. Jail, for example. Or an earplug factory. Anything would be better than doing summer school on a computer while his scientist dad is stationed at the South Pole.

Boring lives up to its name until Brian and his cousin Nora have a fight, get lost, and discover a huge, wooden house in the forest. With balconies, turrets, and windows seemingly stuck on at random, it looks ready to fall over in the next stiff breeze. To the madcap, eccentric family that lives inside, it’s not just a home–it’s a castle.

Suddenly, summer gets a lot more exciting. With their new friends, Brian and Nora tangle with giant wasps, sharp-tusked wild boars, and a crazed bureaucrat intent on bringing the dangerously dilapidated old house down with a wrecking ball.

Snippet: Besides falling, there wasn’t anything else I could do. I started wriggling downward, squeezing the rope between my feet to take some of the weight off my hands.

Looking up, I saw Cosmo and Nora watching me. They were a long way up. And the farther down I went, the darker it got.

“What do I do when I get to the bottom?” I called.

“That’s easy. Take the middle door and go left, then right, then down the hall to the dead end. Open the secret door, climb the stairs, and we’ll meet you there.”

I repeated the directions in my mind so I wouldn’t forget them. Middle door . . . left . . right . . . down the hall to the dead end. Open the secret door–secret door?

“Cosmo!” I shouted. “How do I find the secret door?”

But they were already gone.

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