Work with a developmental editor as you write and revise your picture book.


Q. How will you critique my children’s book manuscript?
A. I will work with you for 8 weeks via email to help you “find the story inside the story” of your children’s book manuscript. Weeks 1 and 8 are “goals” weeks. Weeks 2-7 are critique steps. Your work will be due each Wednesday.

A new module will open 6 weeks in row. You have 7 days to read the 7 lessons and complete the critique step worksheet.

Intensive Picture Book Workshop Critique Steps:

  1. Story Goals: What are your 5 goals for this story? (Ideas)
  2. Story Topic: What topics does the story cover? (Ideas)
  3. Story Theme: What is the story’s underlying social message? (Ideas)
  4. Story Pitch: What happens in Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3? (Organization)
  5. Story Arc: How do the main character’s emotions change? OR Which idea patterns do you use? (Organization)*
  6. Storyboard: How is the story paced page by page in a picture book? (Organization)
  7. Point-of-View: Does the story have a single narrator? (Voice)
  8. Wrapping Up: Final Manuscript Questions + Goals Review

*Yes, I critique nonfiction picture books!

Intensive Picture Book Workshop Syllabus:

A story has three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. Each part, each act, has a different job to do.

In the Intensive Picture Book Workshop you will learn how to:
1. show and tell your picture book story (without writing art notes).
2. answer the guiding questions for each act in your picture book story.

Act 1: Picture Book Beginnings

The 3 P’s: A Person in a Place with a Problem

Module 1: Who is the narrator?
Module 2: Uh-oh! What’s wrong? (A story starts when something changes.)

Act 2: Picture Book Middles

The 3 C’s: Conflict, Complications, CRISIS!

Module 3: What conflict does the main character encounter?
Module 4: Are things getting more complicated for the main character? Does it lead to a CRISIS?

Act 3: Picture Book Endings

The 3 E’s: Enlightenment, Energy, Emotion

Module 5: What does the main character finally realize?
Module 6: What does the main character finally do to solve the story problem?

Each module has a mentor text example lesson in each genre: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

My writing students come from all levels of the continuum, from beginner to advanced. Some students sold the books they wrote in the workshops while others continued to master their craft and sold their first book later.

Are you ready to work with a writing mentor? Are you looking for a writing class to help you start your book or take your work to the next level? Sign up for a workshop critique so we can start working together!

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