Q. What is a Children’s Novel WIP Critique?
A. WIP stands for work-in-progress. A Children’s Novel WIP Critique is a revision critique. After you complete finish the first draft of your children’s novel, we can work together as you revise your book. You can send in one chapter at a time or the entire book.

Q. How will I critique your children’s novel?
A. I am a developmental editor, so I always begin with a developmental edit and look at the BIG Picture.

  • The Ideas: Can readers follow the logic of the story? Is it believable?
  • The Organization: How does the story flow from page to page, from scene to scene? Does the tension build as the pages turn?
  • The Voice: Which voice does the story use (first, second, or third person)? Does each chapter have a single narrator?

Q. What will you send me for my critique?
A. I will make a copy of your document with my initials, and then add comments, questions, and suggestions for you to consider with colored ink and highlighting. I ask questions about sections that are confusing. I make structural suggestions for you to consider, offering ideas to help you fill in any gaps and ideas to help you decide which direction to take in your next draft, including rearranging the order of the scenes or sections in your book.

Q. Why do you use colored ink and highlighting?
A. I use colored ink and highlighting because there are often two to three or more ways for you to develop an idea. When I try to share these ideas with Track Changes in Word they fill up the page too quickly and then scroll OFF the page, making them hard to read.

Q. When will you line edit my manuscript?
A. When the BIG Picture in the manuscript communicates your ideas clearly to your readers, I will look at the small details in a line edit critique. I go line by line and make suggestions for new word choices. I also offer ideas about changing the order of the words in a sentence and the order of the sentences in a paragraph. Once again I will use colored ink and highlighting to make specific suggestions.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. 10¢ a word.

Children’s Novel WIP Critique 10¢ a word (USD)

Q. How long will it take you to critique my children’s novel?
A. I can critique a single chapter of your children’s novel in two business days. Critiquing a completed novel requires a week or more, depending on the length (five to ten business days).

Q. Can I ask questions after the critique?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I send you my revisions?
A. Yes, after you revise your novel we can work together in a new critique session. The cost of the new critique will be based on your revised word count. As before, you can send a chapter or two — or request a full novel revision.

Q. Can I call you instead?
A. Yes, you can schedule a phone or Skype call instead of a written critique. I will read your manuscript (at least three times) and make notes for our call.

30 minute Children’s Book Manuscript
Phone Consultation
(up to 1,000 words) $99 USD

45 minute Children’s Book Manuscript
Phone Consultation
(up to 2,000 words) $149 USD

After you sign up for a consultation, please email me so we can set up a time for our consultation. (I schedule phone consultations between 12-5 PM Pacific Time.) After we set up a time to meet, I will ask you to send me your children’s book manuscript.

Still have questions? See the Revision Critique FAQ or email me.

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