by Courtney Sheinmel (Author) and‎ Jennifer A. Bell (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Zack Cooley is a genie. Yes, you read that right: He is a genie. He found out on his tenth birthday, and life hasn’t been the same since. Life has been AMAZING! It doesn’t matter if Zack’s twin sister, Quinn, is the one with all the friends at school. Zack is the one with all the magic–plus, he has new friends in genie school, which he secretly attends twice a week. But Quinn is having some strange symptoms, and it looks like Zack may have to share genie-status with his sister. Faster than Zack can say “UNFAIR,” Quinn is kidnapped by evil genie Linx and whisked away to the Thirteenth Parallel, where time is unending and genie powers are useless. Zack has been learning a lot in genie school, but do he and his new friends have the skills to save his sister?

Snippet: I take another step back and knock into a wall.


When I turn around, the doorway that was just there is gone. The room is sealed on all four sides, like I’m in a box. A green box. But a box nonetheless.

“At last, here you are, Zachary Noah Cooley,” a voice says. “I must say, you aren’t quite worth all your hype, are you?”

It’s a human voice speaking, or so I think. Oliver-David has a human-sounding voice, too. Maybe it’s the cat. Maybe Rhiannon is a cat. Stranger things have happened; these days they’ve happened to me A LOT.

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