A Case in Any Case (Detective Gordon)
by Ulf Nilsson (Author) and Gitte Spee (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Gordon is on vacation, and Buffy is the sole detective at the small police station in the forest. It is not easy for a police officer to be alone. Especially when there are strange noises outside the station at night.

Buffy decides to seek out Gordon in his little cottage by the lake to ask for help. After all, two police think twice as well as one. Two police are twice as brave!

In the morning, the sun was shining again and the air was still. It was a wonderful day for two police friends to wander through the forest. Both were wearing their fine gold police hats. They were going to the police station for breakfast.

On the way, Buffy couldn’t help thinking about the mysterious scrabbler. Or scrabblers, because there could be more than one.

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