The Search for the Lost Prophecy
by William Meyer (Author)

Booktalk: Horace continues to search for more information about the Time Keepers and his role in this secret order. After he discovers that the tree portal at his grandparents’ farm is destroyed, Horace, along with his friends Anna and Milton, travels back in time to 1920s Detroit, hoping to learn more. There they meet keeper Herman at the Scarab Club and learn that someone is threatening the Time Keepers and the order’s mission. Horace finds out that the mystical Benben Stone is being stored in a crypt back in present-day Niles, Michigan. And Horace is now tasked with keeping the sacred stone safe. Will the person or persons threatening the Order learn of Horace’s true identity?

Snippet: “Dad?” Horace asked.

“Yeah?” his father answered, pausing at the doorway.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Why do you love Halloween so much?”

His dad walked back to the edge of the bed. “That’s a great question.” From the hallway light, Horace could see the gleam in his father’s eyes. “You see, my dad wasn’t around much when I was a kid. He spent most holidays working. Halloween was the one night of the year when he’d stay home, no matter how much work he had, and spend it with us.” He bit down on his lip, and Horace suddenly realized where he’d gotten this habit. “I guess ever since then it has been a special night for me. It always reminds me of my father.”

Horace had never known his dad’s father. He’d died when Horace was very little.

“Do you miss him?”

“Every day.”

“Do you miss home?” Horace asked.

His dad laughed. “You mean Ohio?” He shook his head. “No, Horace, this is our home now.”

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