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Lullaby Farm

Lullaby Farm (board book)
by Stephanie Shaw (Author) and Rebecca Harry (Illustrator)

Booktalk: It’s bedtime on the farm. The lambs and goslings cuddle with their mamas. The baby mice have a late-night snack. Piglets snore in their pen, and sleepy chicks nestle close to mother hen. But will mama sheepdog ever get her wriggly puppies to bed?

A nightingale sings
his sweet lullaby
as the barnyard lies still
beneath a twilight sky.

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Books Do Not Have Wings

Books Do Not Have Wings
by Brynne Barnes (Author) and Rogério Coelho (Illustrator)

Booktalk: This whimsical, rhyming tale whirls readers through all the fantastic things that can be found between the pages of a book as it answers the question: what is a book?

It has pages and pictures,
a cover; it’s true,
even words and a writer–
and readers like you.

It can do anything
that you want it to do.
It’s more than just a book.


Because books do not have wings.

Copyright © 2017 Anastasia Suen All Rights Reserved.

When the Rain Comes

When the Rain Comes
by Alma Fullerton (Author) and Kim La Fave (Illustrator)

Booktalk: It is time to plant the rice crop in Malini’s Sri Lankan community, and the little girl is both excited and nervous to help for the first time. What if she does it wrong? Will she be responsible if the crop fails? When the oxcart rumbles in loaded with seedlings, she reluctantly agrees to watch the big, imposing animal while the driver takes a break. Suddenly, the skies go dark with monsoon rain. A flash flood pours down the road, separating Malini from the driver and her family. They are shouting for her to run for higher ground, but what about the rice?


Copyright © 2017 Anastasia Suen All Rights Reserved.

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