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A Band of Babies

A Band of Babies
by Carole Gerber (Author) and Jane Dyer (Illustrator)

Booktalk: It was just an ordinary day at play group until Benny arrived. With flute in hand and drums in tow, Benny’s love of music inspires the babies to get up and put on a show. Toot! Toot! Whee! Benny and his band of babies are a sight to see!

Play-group morning. Babies fret–
not sure what to do just yet.


In struts Benny–new in town.
Babies’ frowns turn upside down.

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Engineers Solve Problems!

Engineers Solve Problems!: A Song for Budding Scientists
by Katie Hoena (Author), Blake Hoena (Author), Kelly Canby (Illustrator), and Mark Oblinger (Arranger)

Booktalk: Budding engineers will learn the steps engineers use to solve problems. As they sing along, students will solve a problem just like an engineer would.

The book comes with a CD, sheet music, and online music access.

Ask, imagine, and plan,
create and improve.
That’s how engineers like to groove.

See the book trailer.

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Under the Umbrella

Under the Umbrella
by Catherine Buquet (Author) and Marion Arbona (Illustrator)
Translated by Erin Woods

Booktalk: The weather has never been worse. The man with the stormy heart is soaked and he’s going to be late! His mood is as black as the sky. Outside a nearby patisserie, a little boy stands under the shelter of its awning, gazing at the beautiful treats on display. When the wind snatches the man’s umbrella and drops it at the child’s feet, can this hasty curmudgeon slow down long enough for an unlikely friendship to blossom?

He grumbled at the raindrops
on the rooftops of the town.
He growled at the clouds
and the crowds
that slowed him down.

Copyright © 2017 Anastasia Suen All Rights Reserved.

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