The Lives of Desperate Girls
by MacKenzie Common (Author)

Booktalk: Sixteen-year-old Helen Commanda is found dead just outside Thunder Creek, Ontario. Her murder goes unremarked, except for the fact that it may shed light on the earlier disappearance of Chloe Shaughnessy. Chloe is beautiful, rich, and white. Helen is plain, and from the reservation. They had nothing in common except that they were teenage girls from an unforgiving small town. Only Chloe’s best friend Jenny Parker knows exactly how unforgiving, but she’s keeping some dangerous secrets of her own.

Snippet: I look back on February 22, 2006, as the day they found Helen, but that isn’t really true. You can’t find something if you were never really looking for it. How could they care about Helen when a girl like Chloe, so pretty and white, had disappeared only three weeks earlier? The truth was that they didn’t find Helen on that snowy morning. They stumbled over her.

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